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Our Qualified Los Angeles Social Security Disability Attorney and Wrongful Termination Lawyer

With over 20 years of experience securing Social Security and Long Term Disability benefits and workers’ rights, Law Offices of Sima G. Aghai has achieved a remarkable record of success.

Social Security has its own laws and regulations. Success requires an attorney with intimate knowledge of the system that works with clients to capture the minute details of their case at the start and closely shepherds that case through the system.

Sima Aghai’s seven years of experience as a Senior Attorney Advisor at the Social Security Administration, provides our firm with a deep knowledge of every aspect of Social Security law. We understand the system because we worked in the system.

In the same way, we have won our clients’ claims for proper wages and overtime compensation as well as meal and rest breaks. We protect every aspect of workers’ rights from being harassed, discriminated against, demoted, or wrongfully discharged. We get results for our clients.

Engaging our services is simple. Call us for a free consultation so that we may evaluate your claim and determine how we can help you. Contact us today at (888) 954-0064 for a an appointment, or fill out our free evaluation form and we will contact you.


Vu Tran

Thanks to Sima Aghai and her staff, my wage and hourly claim was settled quickly for an amount much more than I thought possible. More important, the wage and hour settlement helped me establish and win my Workers Compensation case. Thanks again for what you have done for me, Sima.

Joshua Winiaz

I am very happy with the Law Offices of Sima Aghai. The Knowledge and the professionalism of this firm helped me receive all the benefits to which I am entitled. Thank you.

Michael Le

With the help of the Offices of Sima Aghai my Social security and SSI cases got approved within a few months even though my cases got denied when I was being represented by another law office . Thank you very much.

Maurice Gitchuway

My case was a mess. So in the middle of the process we sought out the help of Sima Aghai. Her knowledge of the law and the system got my case approved after the hearing with the Administrative Law Judge. Words are not enough to express my appreciation.

Hoang Nguyen

The Law offices of Sima Aghai changed my life. Their professionalism and knowledge paid off and I received the benefits I deserved. Now I have monthly income and healthcare coverage through Medicare, which I really need. Thank you Sima and staff.

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